Cybersafety is a critical issue to consider when using the Internet with your children. You should establish clear rules and guidelines BEFORE you allow them to begin an activity.

This is the same thing that you do before you allow your 6 year old to ride a bicycle on the road, or your 16 year old to get behind the wheel of your car!

Access to a computer with Internet connected requires parental supervision and guidance. It is best to have a shared computer in family space rather than one in your child's bedroom: much easier to monitor and it's good to explore together!
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Some useful links can be found by clicking on the above image, which will take you to an Australian site set up by an ex-policeman working in Internet security with young people.

thinkuknow.JPGHere are some important and useful links to explore has interactive games made for different age groups, as well as advice for all types of Internet activities.
New Australian site launched 13/7/09. Lots of good information
For primary students try
For secondary students try
Susan McLean's website: Also visit the Susan McLean page for more information.
A documentary made about yourg Australians which might shed some ligt in this issue. features Michael Carr Gregg:
Social media and keeping your child safe: