Libraries have become the hip place to be! Have a look at this!
I know we're not in Canberra but we can still use the National Library of Australia to get useful things for many subjects. New website for NLA
And why are we needed? Have a look at this., a video clip on the issues of using the Internet to find information.
Advocacy for Libraries and Library staff
Buffy Hamilton On You tube and again

What a teacher-librarian can do for you.
Special events:
Patricia Mullins
For the future:
When we build a new library this might be inspiring!
21st Century libraries.
Library lesson ideas:
Using Olly: some useful links
Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) a shelving game.
Speed booking!
A way of assessing whether or not to read a book: Canitbeforme?
Book spine messages:
Make a haiku poem using the titles on the spines of books, or a thought or a sentence or a message, depending on the age of the students.
These instructions are from Kathy Smits but she shared links to others' work as well.
  • Find books in the Library and stack them so the spines form a
thought or a "poem"
  • Each book may be used once. If we have more than one copy, each copy
can be used.
  • Must include 5-10 books.
  • Take a close-up picture of your stack and email it to ...
Examples: (this has photos of examples)
.html click on the photos to enlarge them to read. Done with Year 5 and students had to work with the books on the table in front of them.
Reading and school libraries:

The latter three talk about the social and emotional benefits of reading and libraries in general, but can be applied to the school library context.

Articles linked from the FB group Evidence Based Practice

The Weblinks Online researchers, Paul Pledger and Helen Eddy, have gathered together a list of articles which may be of use.

A list of articles about the importance of the library for reading development can be found here:
Jenny Luca has some good info in her blog.
Why we need school libraries:

Our Blogs:
Alexandra Library
Handbury Library
Other school's blogs:
Other school library sites:
Mrs Mac's
**Professional links for TLs**
Other library sites for reference.
Victoria's virtual library: for a range of assistance with school library and media issues.

UTS Library's Subject Guide to Picture Books is
finally accessible online. It categorises all the picture books they've bought
since the mid 90's by subjects which relate to topics which may be covered in
the classroom. Under each subject you'll find a list of books arranged in
alphabetical order by title and their authors, as well as the UTS-specific call